Nitka Technologies

Our History

Nitka Technologies is a privately held company, founded by experienced and visionary leaders in technology and software, already successful software entrepreneurs and technology executives.

Nitka Technologies was originally established to consolidate and brand individual organizations, and through its continued success and growth is becoming a well known "boutique" and "OEM" software development shop as well as an emerging provider in the fast growing IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) sector.

Office Locations


New York, NY
Boston, MA
Los Angeles, CA


India: Chennai, Bangalore
Kazakhstan: Almaty


Republic of Georgia: Tbilisi
Armenia: Yerevan
England: London
Poland: Warsaw

With offices and key technical resources both on the East Coast and the West Coast, and currently over 200 dedicated technical support and development teams in the US, Europe and Asia, Nitka Technologies has the global reach expected from a large technology provider, yet is still small enough to truly serve each customer with a personal touch and attention.

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Corporate Headquarters
Nitka Technologies, Inc.
7 Teleport Dr
Staten Island, NY 10311
United States